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The Relive It vFrame™ and vCase™ provide families and friends a meaningful way to celebrate the life and legacy of a deceased loved one, whenever they desire.  These treasures are easy to set-up to bring the special memories of a loved one alive in full color high-definition video and audio through patented technology found in the world's first and only wirelessly powered HD digital video frames/cases. 

There are an unlimited number of frame sizes and formats that include a PATENTED 10” HD digital video panel featuring WIRELESS POWER to playback your favorite memories with remote control. You simply upload your video content file, insert your photographs and it's ready to hang or display.  Each Relive It vFrame and vCase™ is assembled with premium museum wood and glass right here in the USA.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 3.59.56 PM.png

easy set up

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Questions?  Place an order?  Please contact Alysia English

at 404-273-2760 or 

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